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Courses Available Dealing With Difficult People High Pressure Negotiation: Taking it to the Next Level Leadership Workshop Masterful Communications; Because Every Word Matters Influence: Gaining Voluntary Compliance Enhancing Employee Safety Through Situational Awareness Ethics-Based Decision Making Workplace Violence - Prevention & Prediction Teambuilding Suicide: Assessment and Intervention Advanced Presentation Skills Workplace Bullying Dealing With Difficult People This presentation / keynote is designed to deliver an understanding of why difficult people act as they do and to provide tools for addressing those difficult situations. When we encounter a reasonable person acting unreasonably, there are several highly effective strategies for restoring the relationship to a productive and functional state. This presentation will offer the tools to control our own emotional responses and also show ways in which we can manage the other person effectively. If you have frequent interactions with difficult people, this presentation is for you. This session contains the following material: Introduction and exploration of the concept of conflict Three components of most conflicts Strategies to maintain professionalism in the face a difficult situation Active listening skills Strategies for defusing the highly agitated person Learning outcome: Participants of this session will leave with a deeper understanding of conflict; how and why it occurs within our business and interpersonal relationships. Additionally, a series of tools, tactics and strategies will be provided which will serve to enhance confidence when faced with challenging engagements. This will include a specific strategy for defusing or de- escalating an angry or agitated person.