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Facilitator Profile Gary McDougall is a retired police officer who served the law enforcement community for 25 years, where his focus was in the area of personnel development, specifically the area of communication. In 1997, Gary undertook a course of study through the University of Calgary, in conjunction with the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society, in the area of Mediation and Negotiation. Gary achieved certification as a qualified Mediator and Negotiator and has conducted numerous highly successful workplace mediations within the law enforcement community and with outside agencies and public businesses. Also in 1997, Gary attended the Canadian Police College in Ottawa and successfully completed the Certification Program to become a qualified Hostage and Crisis Negotiator. Between 1997 and 2006, Gary was involved in 47 high-risk hostage/crisis situations. In addition to his involvement as an operational Negotiator, Gary coordinated all training for the Police Hostage Negotiator Team in Calgary. His success in this endeavour led to him to organizing training for Hostage Negotiators from across western Canada and the north-western United States. Gary’s specialty is in the area of training workplace groups in conflict management, dealing with difficult clients, ethics in the workplace and workplace violence issues. He has been responsible for teaching police officers these skills for a number of years and has instructed in these disciplines at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa. In 2004, Gary formed a company called Conflict Solutions and began teaching these skills to outside agencies, which include the security industry, oil and gas, sports facilities, the health care industry and educational facilities. In addition, he volunteers his facilitation services to organizations such as the SPCA, The Salvation Army and the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters. Gary has also acted in a consulting role for the FBI in the area of Hostage/Crisis Negotiations. In 2006, Gary was invited to the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, Virginia where he presented to, and facilitated training for, new FBI Hostage Negotiators. He was asked back to the FBI Academy in January of 2007 and again facilitated training for FBI Negotiators and developed a new evaluation process for the Negotiation Training Course