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Courses Available Dealing With Difficult People High Pressure Negotiation: Taking it to the Next Level Leadership Workshop Masterful Communications; Because Every Word Matters Influence: Gaining Voluntary Compliance Enhancing Employee Safety Through Situational Awareness Ethics-Based Decision Making Workplace Violence - Prevention & Prediction Teambuilding Suicide: Assessment and Intervention Advanced Presentation Skills Workplace Bullying High Pressure Negotiation: Taking it to the next level Any human interaction in which at least one of the parties has an “agenda” can be considered a “negotiation”. We negotiate every day in situations; either business-related or in our personal situations and not all negotiations are limited to boardroom situations. This presentation / keynote is designed to provide an insight into how people can be more effective during everyday negotiations. Participants will learn how to manage the negotiation process and manage emotions during difficult interactions. This session will offer a model to prepare for a negotiation and will provide a structured process to follow to ensure the best results possible. The presentation / keynote contains the following concepts: The struggle we often experience between meeting our substantive needs in the negotiation while maintaining or improving the working relationship Traditional “Positional Bargaining” compared with the more effective “Interest Based Negotiation” Strategies for “creating value” for both sides during the negotiation Elements contained within the negotiation This workshop also provides a number of interactive scenarios that allow participants an opportunity to apply the skills learned during the early stages of the workshop Learning outcome: Participants of this session will leave with a deeper understanding of negotiation strategies and ways to enhance effectiveness with a view to creating value for both parties. Additionally, attendees will be provided with a structured format for preparation and engagement within a negotiation.