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About Us


Based in Calgary, Alberta but delivering services across North America, Conflict Solutions provides training in a number of disciplines including seminar facilitation, mediation, workplace training and customized communication training. Conflict Solutions subscribes to the belief that functional interpersonal relationships are at the core of all our business successes.


We can address your training needs through one of our customized courses, tailored to meet your unique requirements. Sessions can be delivered as a 60 minute keynote presentation, a half day workshop or a full day or two full day engagement.


In advance of a training day, a Facilitator will meet with you to identify specific issues you would like addressed during the session. Through this process, you can target specific issues or concerns you would like emphasized during your customized course. By helping us understand your corporate culture, we can “speak your language” and provide your organization with training that is relevant, applicable and real for your employees.

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