Exclusive Services


Conflict Solutions specializes in the creation and delivery of on-site training courses and seminars to address your specific training needs. The training is typically delivered at your workplace for the convenience of your staff. In addition, training sessions can be delivered in any duration that fits into your schedule. Your training session will be customized to provide your staff with the tools they need to work through the specific conflict challenges your people face during their day-to-day interactions. Our Presenter will meet with a representative from your organization in advance of your seminar or presentation to enable us to have an insight into how we can best meet your training objectives.



Conflict Solutions has extensive experience in the area of constructive conflict management and addressing destructive behaviours within the workplace setting. These situations span the complete spectrum; from the behaviours and activities of the workplace bully all the way up to situations in which your staff are put at risk by the threat of workplace violence. We will meet with you to explore your challenges and concerns and provide you with expert advice on how to address those concerns or challenges.



We offer a highly effective facilitation service in which our Facilitator can attend your meetings and maximize the effectiveness of your meeting time. This service is particularly effective for managing group interactions in situations in which you are seeking a specific deliverable. Our Facilitator will manage your meeting, manage difficult behaviours within your meeting and assist you in coming to a productive outcome.



Conflict Solutions offers a mediation service to assist you in your alternate dispute resolution process. Mediation is a process whereby an independent party (Mediator) assist two conflicting parties in managing the communication process with the objective of reaching a satisfying settlement for both sides. The Mediator provides a safe and respectful environment in which parties can communicate their needs, concerns and interests in order to move the dispute toward a positive outcome for both parties. During this interactive process, it is in fact the parties that craft their own solution and the Mediator merely manages that process.